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Fat Quarter Mammoth Flannel, New Colors 2020, 16pcs/bundle

Fat Quarter Bundle - 18in x 1/2 WOF
 16 Pieces - 4 Yards
Factory Cut

Mammoth Flannel are a warm and fluffy flannel fabric brought to you by Studio RK for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. The New Colors 2020 includes check, plaids, and tartans in a rainbow of colors in this medium-weight flannel fabric. These fabrics are soft and cozy and will only get softer with each wash! There are 100% cotton and are double napped. This flannel is double faced, meaning you can use both sides of the fabric, unlike other flannels that have a print on only one side. These fabrics are suitable for projects and quilts alike.

The patterns in this layer cake are:
SRKF-19665-202 - AMERICANA
SRKF-19667-115 - CAYENNE
SRKF-19668-409 - PIMENTO
SRKF-19666-267 - ADVENTURE
SRKF-19666-323 - WALNUT
SRKF-19667-138 - HONEY
SRKF-19665-34 - SAGE
SRKF-19669-405 - WATERFALL
SRKF-19667-279 - RAIN
SRKF-19665-316 - COASTAL FOG
SRKF-19670-60 - PACIFIC
SRKF-19666-202 - AMERICANA
SRKF-19667-304 - SHADOW
SRKF-19669-284 - BONE
SRKF-19670-188 - PEPPER